find bugs before your users do

Give us a URL and Octomind automatically discovers, runs, and auto-fixes your e2e tests in Playwright.

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let AI do the e2e testing for you

Create meaningful tests quickly and make sure your pipeline is only red when the app is broken.


It's easy to get started. Octomind's AI agent analyzes your app and automatically discovers tests that cover your critical flows.
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We automatically adapt your test code to new user flows. No test rewrites required.
fight test flakiness
We know why tests fail. We'll fix timeout logic, isolate. And we’ll rerun the tests to eliminate false positives automatically.

AI test generation

We automatically transform AI model output into deterministic test cases in Playwright.
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hi-performance hosting

Octomind tests are run in parallel, so your test suite will complete in 20 minutes or less, regardless of size.
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Duc Tam Nguyen
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Founder and CTO, Aimino
'We’re really happy to be working with Octomind. It’s like having two more people on my team providing quality test cases. Octomind easily outperforms any other tools we’ve tried.'
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Aditya Advani
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Founder and CTO, Best Parents
'As an early stage consumer marketplace, we need to maintain both, high quality standards and high velocity. Without Octomind, we'd have to hire a tester check our critical flows. Thumbs up from a happy engineering leader.'
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Roman Frolov
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Founder and CTO, Codesphere
'Octomind helps us reduce the complexity of writing tests. Proud to have witnessed the growth of the project from the get go.'

your stack, your rules, no constraints 

Automatically generate, run, and fix your e2e tests without losing control.
keep your code
There's no vendor lock-in with Octomind. Your test code is standard Playwright and is fully portable.
keep your stack
No new tech required. Octomind runs in parallel with other testing frameworks.
no code access required
Octomind doesn't need access to your source code. We use publicly available information like the DOM.
execute locally
Octomind allows you to execute tests locally to give you more control. Find out how.

built on top of Playwright, plug’n’play for your CI/CD pipeline

Octomind automatically runs the tests and comments the results back to your pipeline with details to inspect, replay, and debug.
run in parallel with your existing test suite
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integrate with your CI pipeline
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give us a link to publicly available URL
All we need is a link to your publicly accessible websites. We’ll automatically generate test cases from your UI.
integrates quickly with you CI/CD pipeline
Easily integrate and run Octomind with GitHub, Azure, Jenkins, Vercel, or via curl command.
review results in PR comments
Review test results in your PR comments. If failed, we'll automatically provide details to inspect, replay, and debug.
trigger the E2E tests on pull-request
We host, run and auto-fix your tests. Or use locally wtih you downloaded Playwright code.

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