find bugs before your users do

Give us a URL and with the power of AI we discover, generate, run and auto-fix your e2e tests in Playwright.

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let AI do the e2e testing

Create meaningful tests quickly and make sure your pipeline is only red when the app is broken.
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AI is great at simulating user behavior. We transform the model output into deterministic test cases.
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Not sure where to start? Let AI have a look at your app and discover tests to cover your critical flows.
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When you change your UI, test code adapts to the new user flow. No need to rewrite broken tests.
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We understand why tests fail. We'll fix timeout logic. We'll isolate. We’ll rerun to eliminate false positives.
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Plug’n’play for your CI/CD pipeline

We run the tests and comment the results back to your pipeline with details to inspect, replay and debug.

resistant to flakiness

End-to-end tests have a major trust problem. Broken code is not the only reason why test runs fail. Third-party dependencies; timing issues; randomness; race conditions and leaked states make the tests flaky and unreliable. We're deploying mitigation strategies so you don't lose precious time trying to debug perfectly fine code.

your stack, your rules, zero constraints 

Auto-generate, run and auto-fix your e2e tests without giving up control.
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Keep your tech stack
Keep your current stack.  Don't install anything nor learn new tech. We can even run in parallel with other tests.
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Execute locally
If you want more control, execute Octomind against your local environment. Find out how.
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No access to codebase needed
We don’t need access to your source code. We just need permission to comment on pull requests.
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No vendor lock-in
The code is yours and it is in plain Playwright. Download it & run it anytime. No risks attached.

ship confidently with AI

'We’re really happy to be working with the tool. It’s like having two more people on my team providing quality test cases. It easily outperforms any other tools we’ve tried. We’re set to use it going forward, and it’s already factored into our budget.'

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Duc Tam Nguyen
co-founder & CTO at Aimino
'As an early stage consumer marketplace we need to maintain high quality standards along with high velocity. We were grappling with how to do this successfully when luckily Octomind came along. Without it, we'd have to hire a whole person to do this and they wouldn't be able to keep up. But Octomind can. Thumbs up from a happy engineering leader.'
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Aditya Advani
co-founder & CTO at Best Parents