UI tests don't have to be so hard

Give us a URL and with the power of AI we will discover, execute and maintain your e2e tests in Playwright.

Get early access and try it out!

Plug’n’play for your CI/CD pipeline

We'll run the tests and comment the results back to your pipeline with details to inspect, replay and debug

Resistant to flakiness

End-to-end tests have a major trust problem. Broken code is not the only reason why test runs fail. Third-party dependencies; timing issues; randomness; race conditions and leaked states make the tests flaky and unreliable. We're deploying mitigation strategies so you don't lose precious time trying to debug perfectly fine code.

build confidence not test suites

Auto-discover, run and auto-maintain plug'n'play UI tests without giving up control
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AI Auto-
AI is great at simulating user behaviour. We transform the model output into deterministic test cases.
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When you change your UI, test code adapts to the new user flow. No need to rewrite broken tests.
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We understand why tests fail. We'll fix timeout logic. We'll isolate. We’ll rerun to eliminate false positives.
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Local execution
If you want more control, execute Octomind against your local environment. Find out how.
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No access to code needed
We don’t need access to your source code or user data. We just need permission to comment on pull requests.
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No lock-in
You can easily plug’n’play Octomind tests to any CI/CD and get rid of them if you don’t need them.

#1 thing engineers wish they could spend less time on? Testing.

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Ruben Gonzalez
tech lead at Stripe
'Building tests is something I wish an automated system could do for my team. It gives them time to focus on building features for our customers instead.'
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Gabriel Fior
software engineer at Acadia Studio
'Business [user] tests take too long. It's not even writing but maintaining tests that is really painful.'
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Dr.-Ing. Klaus Krogmann
director of software engineering at GoTo
'End-to-end tests have massive informational value. There is just no easily scalable way to build and maintain them.'

Don’t waste your time testing. Build instead.

Octomind is open  for users in early access mode with a direct channel to our devs. Try our UI test set-up or go to the app and we'll get in touch. If you're not quite there yet, here is how you stay up to date with the newest feature releases.

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