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February 12, 2024
Daniel Rödler

Keep your Copilot and your code quality

How do we get quality back on track while keeping the productivity benefits of tools like Copilot? After all, degrading quality will undermine delivery speed and neutralize some of the gains, if not most.
generative AI
AI coding assistants
December 21, 2023
Veith Röthlingshöfer

Prompt engineering your boss

A case study of creating personalized AI generated gifts for your team, friends and family 🎄🎁  I created this blog to share with Octomind friends, users and fans. This is our special, genAI way of saying: thank you.
generative AI
December 15, 2023

We went viral with a broken app

Post mortem on a weekend of missed opportunity. What we've learned on moving fast and making sure we don't break things thanks to an unexpectedly viral blog posted to a subreddit on a Friday afternoon.
software development
December 5, 2023
Daniel Draper

Test your code!

Software testing is littered with strong opinions and i'm no different. What, when, who, how and if to test at all is the subject of heated discussions. About the one dogma I'm guilty of - testing what you've built.
software development
November 8, 2023
Daniel Draper

Never Ship on Fridays

Deploying on Fridays is a legend of programming memes - a practice only fools engage in. Being completely averse to Friday releases can come across as dogmatic. My take #3 on popular developer dogmas.
software development
November 7, 2023
Daniel Draper

Navigating TypeScript Gymnastics #2

Take #2 on popular developer dogmas and an attempt for reconciliation between TypeScript lovers and haters. I’m firmly in the TypeScript camp. However, using typescript is also not an absolute.
software development
November 6, 2023
Daniel Draper

Deconstructing Popular Developer Dogmas #1

Opinions in software engineering have gotten more extreme lately. I'll use some notorious examples to show that nuance is an essential engineering principle.
software development
October 4, 2023
Veith Röthlingshöfer

On Type Safety in LangChain TS

The unpredictable and non-deterministic nature of LLM output makes ensuring type safety challenging. Some lessons I learned about parsing and error handling of LangChain.
type safety
October 2, 2023
Marc Mengler

Testing Pyramid:
An Evolutionary Tale

Change is ubiquitous in software development. New languages, tools and frameworks are being constantly invented and old ones toppled. Yet the one thing unwilling to move is the Testing Pyramid.
software testing
e2e tests