automated Playwright e2e tests

Octomind hosts and runs AI-generated end-to-end tests in standard Playwright code in the cloud.
create your first e2e tests

how do we use Playwright?

We generate and host Playwright tests you can run in parallel to whatever legacy framework you use.
The generated plain Playwright test code is yours. You can always use locally if you wish.  
We use Playwright Trace Viewer to help you understand issues when tests fail.

why do we use Playwright for end-to-end testing?

fast & reliable
Playwright tests multiple browsers simultaneously and runs headed or headless.
prevents flakiness
It includes features such as auto-wait and integrated VS Code debugging.
trace viewer
We can play back visual recordings to pinpoint specific interactions,
open source & free
Playwright has 59.2k stars and 3.3k forks as of February 2024.
dev community support
It's the most popular modern browser testing framework.
backed by Microsoft
Microsoft has a track record of providing open source dev tools

Playwright in Octomind end-to-end tests

diagram: use of Playwright in Octomind test discovery, generation, running, review and debugging process
use of Playwright in test discovery, generation, running, review and debugging process
Octomind automatically generates test case interaction chains using AI.  We create the corresponding Playwright code on the fly and execute it against your pull request, by manual trigger or when scheduled, based on your preference. The Playwright code is standard and can always be downloaded and used locally.

For debugging, we use Playwright Trace Viewer to help you understand issues when tests fail. Our open-source Debugtopus tooling lets you run the Playwright tests locally, so you can set breakpoints to step through the code.

what functionality do our end-to-end tests include?

Getting started is quick and easy. Let AI have a look at your app and discover tests to cover your critical flows.
Playwright test code is generated automatically as our AI agent mimics a human user to navigate the app.
test hosting
We host and run the Playwright tests. You can schedule test runs, trigger manually or from your CI/CD.
parallel execution
We run tests in parallel to reduce the waiting.  We'll finish in 20 minutes or less, regardless of test suite size.
Easily integrate and run Octomind with GitHub, Azure, Jenkins, Vercel or via curl command.
local execution
Download the Playwright code and run our tests on your own machines against your local dev environment.
Use Playwright trace viewer and Debugtopus to run tests locally for easier debugging.
Not familiar with selectors and DOM elements? Select elements in your page visually.
unlimited URLs
Create unlimited projects, test unlimited URLs. Just add a new project with a URL to be tested. 
For improved security, you can log into Octomind using a one-time password.
VPN tunneling
To increase security, we can run your Octomind tests in a private network.
Slack integration
We can send test results from your test runs directly to Slack.
set-up and teardown
Do you have complex test cases that require set-up data? We got you covered.
When you change UI, our tests will automatically adapt to the new user flow. No need to rewrite broken tests.
flakiness prevention
We know the reasons tests fail and deploy strategies to mitigate flakiness. Including AI.

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