octomind raises $4.8 m to reinvent testing with AI

Led by Cherry Ventures, the round supports the developer tool’s ambitions to create a bug-free future for AI-assisted software development and testing

octomind team picture, April 2024

Hey everyone,

We've got some pretty exciting news to share with the Octomind community today! Just six months after stepping out into the light from our stealth mode, we've successfully raised $4.8 million in seed capital. This funding round, led by the visionaries at Cherry Ventures and supported by a stellar lineup of angels like Sean Mullaney from Algolia, Charlie Songhurst, and Lutz Finger, is a huge vote of confidence in our mission to reshape end-to-end testing for the better. 

Find the full list of investors here

In a world where AI is becoming increasingly central to web development, boosting productivity but also, frankly, sometimes dropping the ball on code quality, the need for tools like ours has never been more critical. It's become clear that while AI can turbocharge the coding process, ensuring the quality of the output is another challenge altogether. And that's precisely where Octomind steps in.

Our founders, Marc Mengler and Daniel Rödler, brought Octomind to life out of a shared frustration with the status quo in software testing. They've spent years in the trenches, building large applications that need to run without breaking, and saw firsthand the drag inefficient testing can have on innovation and development speed. With Octomind, they envisioned a solution that leverages AI to ensure any application works as it's supposed to do.

This fresh injection of capital will be pivotal in enhancing our AI's ability to understand and navigate web applications, identifying and testing critical user flows with precision. We're not just talking about slapping together some code; we're about creating a seamless, bug-free user experience that stands the test of real-world application.

"Octomind addresses one of the world’s largest ($38B) and least automated markets that can be augmented by AI. Today, software testing is the single most hated task for developers. Yet, more and more CTOs expect devs to do the testing themselves, which grows the total market to $184B worldwide. Thanks to their impressive experience and well-advanced AI agent product, I believe Octomind will make developers love software testing soon,” said Jasper Masemann, partner at Cherry Ventures

Our ultimate goal? A world where software testing isn't a dreaded task but a seamless part of the development process, thanks to AI. We believe in a future where developers can focus on what they do best - building incredible software - while leaving the tedious task of testing to an intelligent system capable of auto-fixing bugs as they arise.

This funding is a big step forward in our journey, but we're just getting started. We're excited to deepen our product's capabilities and, most importantly, continue working closely with our community to refine and enhance our solution. After all, it's your insights and feedback that help us make Octomind the best it can be.

Thanks for being part of this adventure. Here's to building a future where software testing is smarter, faster, and just plain better.

With ❤ from the Octomind team

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